Mike Spence has your back!

“I am the only Councilmember born in West Covina. I played little league, learned how to swim and attended school all in this council district. West Covina was good to me. I chose to buy a home and raise my family here. West Covina values and our way of life is a part of me. That’s why I am passionate about fighting for West Covina. I have your back! I ask for your vote.”

Fighting for you! 

Mike Spence was elected several times to the school board. When elected, the district was bankrupt; schools were closed; and the state had loaned money and taken control.

During Mike’s tenure, the district opened schools, expanded academic opportunities and paid the loan back early – the district is now fiscally sound.

Mike is the only Taxpayer Advocate running for council. In 1998, the City of West Covina unsuccessfully sued Mike over his opposition to a multi-million tax increase. The tax failed and that effort continues to save you hundreds of dollars.

Mike’s also a leader in the campaign to repeal the gas tax increase – Prop. 6. Vote YES on Prop 6!

Promises Kept!

As a council member Mike kept his promises. 

  • Voted to reduce council member compensation 
  • Voted against wasteful spending and unnecessary fee hikes 
  • Initiated hiring of bike officers to deal with homeless 
  • Initiated closing the wash to transients 
  • Initiated the state audit of West Covina to uncover financial mismanagement

Spence was the only vote against allowing three-story townhouses 10 ft from single story family homes. 

Mike opposes the early release of criminals through Assembly Bill 109, Propositions 47 and 57, and works at the state and local level to combat this growing problem. 

Mike’s been Chief of Staff to two state legislators and a county supervisor. He was appointed to the California Library Board.

Mike Spence is the only one that courageously fights for you.

Watch any city council meeting and you will see his expertise in action.

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